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Is it possible to deactivate the torque sensor?

The torque sensor can be deactivated from the settings menu on the LCD display. When deactivated, the bike will only use the cadence information for the pedal assist operation. 

  • On the LCD display, enter onto the Advanced Settings Menu by pushing and holding  the + and - assist buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. The Display will enter the Advanced Settings Menu. 
  • Use the + or - Buttons to move in between advanced options and the power button on the back to select an option.
  • Push the power button to enter the torque sensor adjustment mode. To turn on the torque sensor set Torque to "YES". To turn off the torque sensor set the Torque to "NO"
  • Push the power button to exit the Torque setting menu
  • Push the power button again to exit the Advanced Setting Menu

The display will return to the main screen and the bike will operate with just the cadence sensor active when using the pedal assist. Follow the steps above to turn on the torque sensor. 

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  • 21-Jun-2018