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Can I use a twist throttle on the left?

Our Current Series E-bikes are designed to use the thumb throttle on the right side.

All of our bikes use the basic 3-wire throttle commonly found on most e-bikes. The throttle can actually be mounted on the left or the right side, but we prefer to use it on the left side. There are several advantages to this kind of setup and it’s quickly becoming the norm in the e-bike industry.

1. In cycling, the gear shifter is generally mounted on the right side. High quality gear shifters from shimano and SRAM are all mounted on the right. The speed gradients are quite high for this type of ebike and you will typically need to shift gears in order to maintain a useable pedal cadence.

2. There are instances when you are pedaling, using the throttle and shifting at the same time.

3. Modern e-bike setups have 1x setups so there is space available where the front derailleur shifter would be mounted.