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Can the battery be charged while riding?/Brake Charging

Not unless you have a really long extension cord!

Ok, some bikes have regenerative breaking. It’s great for bragging rights, but the benefits of regenerative breaking are not worth the cost and weight for a light weight e-bike.

Imagine if you ride down a big hill and activated regen for a full 60 seconds. This would be equivalent to plugging the battery for 60 seconds. That's not very significant increase in battery range.

When you approach a stop sign it’s more efficient to slow down as you reach the stop light rather than go full speed and suddenly brake to attempt to recharge the battery with regenerative braking.

Regenerative braking has some efficiency losses in the conversion from mechanical to electrical energy. And the recharging process again has some efficiency losses as this electrical energy is pumped back into the pack. These inefficiencies stack up and make regenerative braking quite useless on such a lightweight and relatively slow moving vehicle.

Another reason we do not use regenerative braking is the direct drive motor type that must be used.

This type of motor has several disadvantages and only one primary advantage.

1. Cost

1. Weight
2. Lower torque density
3. Cogging
4. Motor diameter

When you add up the disadvantages, it out weighs the advantages. This is the major reason we do not use this type of motor for any of our bikes.