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Controller Overheat Protection

On early generation CCS sold before 2017, the motor controller (ECU) under some conditions, could reach a high temp level and the system will shut down to avoid damage. Under load the controller will heat up, if it heats up faster than it cools down the internal temp will rise up. 
As soon as you use less power or stop, the bike starts cooling down enough that the system can work normally again. If you shut the bike off and try to start it back up while the temp is still too high, it will not let you start up.
Overheat condition can happen when: 
1. High boost setting "S" mode on steep hill or pulling heavy trailer. 
2. Fit rider, cranking strongly on the pedals which will send the highest level of power  through the controller for extended steep uphill terrain. 
3. Heavy loads and low speeds where less wind is blowing over the frame. 
Juiced Bikes Current-Series bikes made after 2016 have improved transistors and improved thermal management and will very rarely encounter over-heat conditions. We have also added a temperature monitoring function in the advanced display mode of the LCD display so you can monitor the controllers temperature while riding. When temperatures reach above 85C the performance will be automatically reduced to avoid overheating. 

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  • 31-May-2018