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About your Front and rear LED lights

Front LED Lights 

The front LED light is powered by the main battery.

Turning on the Front LED light:

You can turn it on from the LCD handle bar display by pushing the "+" assist button for 3 seconds. 

Turning off the front LED light: 

To turn off the front LED light push and hold the "+" assist button for 3 seconds and the LED light will turn off.

Rear LED Lights

The rear LED light has its own AAA battery to power it. It does not run off the main battery like the front LED light. The rear light uses very little power and the AAA battery can last a very long time. 

Turning on the rear LED light:

Push the power button on the top of the rear LED light to turn it on.

Flashing or steady mode:

Push the power button again to toggle between steady and flashing modes. 

Turning off the rear LED:

To turn off the Rear Led light push and hold the LED's power button. 

Note: Turning on the rear LED light for the first time

There may be a plastic tab that is between the battery of the rear LED light to prevent the AAA batteries from self discharging while in transport. You may need to pull out that plastic tab first before the light is ready to be used.

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  • 21-Jun-2018