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Chain comes off the front chainring when going over bumps or shifting gears

The design of the CCS/CC is on the very edge of the shifting envelope. It uses a 1X setup front 52T with a tiny 11T rear sprocket for comfortable pedaling at higher speeds. 

This combined with a very short RC (rear center) for dynamic handling may lead to the chain drops in certain conditions. It will be more prevalent if the chain has stretched a little or if the derailleurs is not optimally adjusted. 

Also due to limited spacing of the short RC, an inside chain guide cannot be used. 

There are a few things you do to prevent the chain drops : 

1. Make sure the derailleurs is properly adjusted.

2. Shorten your chain by a few links. (https://youtu.be/O0YibMDWBAw?t=243 )

3. Avoid rapid up shifts. 

4. Use a chain catcher such as (K-Edge Chain Catcher 31.8mm version)

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  • 09-Mar-2018